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The adoption of artificial intelligence in the diagnosis and prognosis of disease could help to extend peoples’ lives whilst providing significant savings for healthcare sectors. In other word, use of AI in healthcare can save time, reduce errors, increase capacity and, in turn, lower the administrative cost of providing healthcare.

Our Story

People are suffering from mental and physical sickness and diseases more so than ever before. This, in turn, causes a heavy load on a country’s healthcare industry and causes large financial burdens to the country’s national budget

  • Logicmed AI Inc aims to provide a smart method to discover the multiple causations of a specific disease and detect the disease’s progression mechanisms through a data set obtained by omics technology, clinical experiments with the contribution of ML (machine learning) and DL (deep learning) techniques in order to understand a meaningful relationship between these data set.
  • The idea of utilizing different data including images retrieval, blood samples, biopsy, gene expression, cellular metabolism, family history and other similar data provides the possibility of discovering the etiology of the most prevalent diseases caused by multiple factors such as certain types of cancers, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer's and so on.
  • Problems
  • Solutions

Costly technology solution without focus on preventive measures

Disease diagnosis and treatment plan takes time to generate/prepare

Future disease prediction might not be easily possible

Reduction in cost through providing SaaS-based integrated platform

Integrated artificial intelligence with machine learning technology to help predict efficient cancer treatment plan

Integrated technology that can predict cancer by analyzing data

Our product is a software solution that can provide physicians, medical centers, and the government sector with artificial intelligence based treatment solution for cancer Transforming healthcare and improving the patient experience through our platform.

LagicMed Inc Technologies

The foundations of our ground-breaking technology are our internationally patented artificial intelligence (AI) based learning machines. These algorithms self-calibrate by ‘studying’ how an expert clinical technician interprets test results and then applying derived knowledge to automate future routine analyses, eliminating manual steps for patient testing

  1. • Our platform can be integrated into the existing IT system, through which it can access the Colonoscopy and other reports for processing diagnoses and providing treatment plans.
  2. • Our platform will help doctors to ensure affordable, speedy, and accurate diagnosis in cancer diseases.

How does it work?

  1. • Our technical team will integrate our platform with the existing hospital/clinic’s patient information management system.
  2. • The platform will require access to the customer database, previous diagnoses/medical reports and other relevant patient information.
  3. • The platform will use an integrated artificial intelligence mechanism to prepare a preliminary assessment of each of the existing patients in the database.
  4. • Before any appointment, the doctor can access the platform’s diagnosis, disease treatment plan and preventive treatment plan to provide speedy and accurate decision-making.
  5. • Once the result is available, the doctor can review our recommended treatment and, if he approves, the platform will provide the treatment plan to the patient.

Our Team

Omid Haji Najafi
IT Manager
Raya Mohsenian
Mahboobe Ravanbakhshian

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